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Built Up Letters

Here at Fabricut we are proud to be able to offer built up letters. We know just how few companies can offer this service so look no further!!

Built up letters make those flat signs come to life and are mostly manufactured by an automated process, for increased accuracy and precision. We start by cutting the face and sides. The sides are then eased into the correct shape, making sure they are formed to follow the perimeter of the face. Everything is then bonded together for a letter that is strong, but also lightweight.

There are many different types of built up letters, including; perspex, aluminium, stainless steel, face lit perspex, halo lit perspex and metal halo lit. Both metal and aluminium systems are perfect for larger letters, where that extra strength is important.

Have a look at some of our examples below:

built up letters, built up signs, built up lettering

Want those built up letters to stand out at night? Then consider illuminating your letters with our range of LED lighting solutions, including waterproof systems. For more information on how to light up your built up letters, please visit LED Lighting.

Fabricut offer built up letters to the highest standards, at the most competitive prices, giving you complete piece of mind. Get in contact with us today and see how we can help you find that ultimate solution.

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